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In today’s fast paced world when the things go haywire, one wonders how to live one’s life? What should be the correct path to follow? What should be the right values which have to be inculcated? How to survive in this tension filled materialistic world where the irony is that the number of loners are increasing day by day albeit one is surrounded by huge crowds where ever one goes. More and more people are facing out of control situations in life and feeling helpless and hapless. What should be the Dharma of one’s life? Where is our society heading towards? Is it for better or for worse? The mind boggles. The mission of Tulip Foundation is to answer all the above innumerable queries and to serve the humanitarian cause by taking initiative in the positive direction.


To serve the humanitarian cause by providing health facilities, educational facilities and other institutional facilities is the Vision of Tulip Foundation. Tulip Foundation is the collective name given to various diversified fields Tulip is venturing into. It has taken the initiative to help the society by providing educational and health facilities in the form of schools, colleges, universities, dispensaries and hospitals. Tulip Foundation includes multitudinous fields, the majors being ‘Dharma for Life’ a spiritual organisation, educational field and the field of Health facilities. The basic aim of Tulip Foundation is to uplift the society by imparting education, awareness, knowledge and health facilities. Besides these, Tulip Foundation is venturing into other institutional sectors which will help the underprivileged and uplift the society in all possible ways.


Tulip Foundation is following the noble strategy to achieve its above mentioned aims, objectives and goals. Tulip Foundation is already serving the humanitarian cause by providing free medical health facilities like dispensaries, ambulances at its various ongoing projects’ sites. Free medical health checkups are conducted and free treatment and medicines are given to labourers and underprivileged by qualified doctors and practitioners who are present at all Tulip sites. Tulip has always been concerned about the upliftment of the underprivileged and already serving this cause by providing housing for Economically weaker sections in all Tulip projects.

Besides above, Mrs. Medhavi Jain – wife of CMD Mr. Parveen Jain is making a successful foray into diversified fields, the foremost being ‘Dharma for Life’ a spiritual organisation which is her genius brainchild and is already successfully established. ‘Dharma for Life’ (Sip the Divinity of Life) is a Unit of Tulip Foundation. It is a unique place where noble spiritual thoughts and ideas bloom and people can learn the meaning of life and can uplift their moods by imbibing these spiritual ideas expressed by Mrs. Medhavi Jain. By going through the website one can read, learn, understand, grasp and implement these great spiritual ideas in the daily regimen of the materialistic world and keep away from tensions by understanding the true meaning of life which is the golden gift from God. Mrs. Medhavi Jain has very judiciously and thoughtfully expressed her views on the true Dharma of life which if followed dextrously can change one’s life for the better. She has started this noble organisation and website where more and more people are getting associated with day by day and getting benefitted by her noble ideas which are practical and very much applicable in daily life guiding how to tackle life’s predicaments.

Tulip Foundation is trying its best whole heartedly to increase the literacy rate of the society by providing educational facilities and giving the golden opportunity to children to get educated. The aim of these schools, colleges, universities will be to provide the best education, best values, best sports and cultural activities so that the future citizens can make their careers in diversified fields and can make their country proud worldwide.

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