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The Tulip Group is exhilarated to propose to you one of the most premium and opulent commercial projects in Gurgaon, Sector 69, The Tulip Avenue-2. 

This establishment consists of retail shops which have an area of 500 sq. ft. and onwards, it is sited exquisitely in a value-focused neighbourhood that is a veritable hotbed of development. The grandiose project is strategically placed on a 60-meter wide road across the southern peripheral road (SPR), an emerging luxurious realty hotspot with an abundance of residential and commercial properties. 

Tulip Avenue-2 being in propinquity with SPR and Sohna Road is one of the excellent elements working in favor of the project.

Furthermore, this mercantile enterprise is easily accessible to every neck of the woods in the city.


The magnificent property is apodictic and crafted to perfection with admirable detailing and stupendous quality materials.

The exterior is allured with a water fountain giving a wholesome touch of exquisite beauty to the entire infrastructure.

Surrounded by over 3000 families dwelling in various Tulip group housing projects and equipped with a plethora of amenities, this retail property for rent is set out to proffer an ethereal lifestyle.

The quintessential amenity package incorporates on-site parking, round the clock availability of electricity and water, and the like, to make your unabridged experience blissful and utopian. Tulip Avenue 2 is set up with an approach to become the most sought after commercial project ever. The plush infrastructure features prestigious Tulip sales offices along with deluxe commercial retail stores that are all set to get subleased to high-end retailers.

With every attribute blended perfectly, Tulip Avenue 2 is the epitome of grandeur that is all geared up to become the finest choice to invest in.


Highlights -

- Located in the best location to rent commercial space.

- Over 2,000 Tulip families residing within 300m radius.

- Connected via 60m wide road.

- Walking distance from Sohna Road and SPR road.

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Site Plan
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