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The future of NCR - Southern Peripheral Road

Tulip Group has fantastically flourished over the last 15 years and has enjoyed its equal share of growth and prosperity. We at Tulip provide our undivided attention to our clients and are willing to go above and beyond to assist our clients. Tulip goes by the ethics where we ask for less and offer more. When it comes to investment in our company, you will be amused to see how returns unfold; they are always profitable. 

Excellent financial performance, a concrete business plan, a well-structured investment plan, great returns on investment are some of the key features of our company that makes Tulip stand out from the rest.


Keep on reading to know about the most essential attributes as to why you should invest in our company. 


As Gurgaon is a fast-growing residential as well as a commercial hub, more and more people are looking for opportunities to be a part of this rapid-growing city. With its fast-pacing growth, the latest master plan of Gurgaon is majorly focused on Southern Peripheral Road(SPR). SPR has been drawing the attention of numerous investors due to the substantial benefits it holds including high-tech infrastructures and advanced evolution.


Southern Peripheral Road is the future of Gurugram; It is on its way to becoming the realty hotspot for innumerable investors. Strategically mapped out as a lavish investment project that is sure to yield remunerative appreciation and excellent results on investments in the coming years. As SPR establishes a crucial link between Faridabad-Gurgaon road, Golf Course Extension Road, and Delhi-Gurgaon National Highway - 8, easy connectivity is one of the factors SPR is gathering such attention. Along with all the deluxe commercial projects, the ultra-luxurious and lush projects with high-tech infrastructures and advanced amenities are working well in favor of SPR as it makes it a forthcoming premium residential hub. As for the prospect, various major projects have already been planned along SPR comprising the adjunction of Delhi Metro's Yellow Line, expansion of SPR to a six-lane expressway, and linkage to Gurgaon-Faridabad road. Being an emerging realty hotspot SPR offers a wide array of options for investment from renowned developers. 


Tulip Group, one of the leading real estate companies in Delhi, NCR boasts its delivered projects on SPR worth 7 million sq. ft. while 3 million sq. ft. is in the pipeline, and not just this, Tulip Group is the first brand to ever establish a presence on SPR. The projects undertaken by Tulip are not only for Indian customers but NRI customers are equally welcome to be a part of the Tulip family. 

We at Tulip handle the needs and requirements of NRI customers with complete transparency! From payments, purchase, and product updates to possession of your property, the NRI service team guides you through every step of the way.


Whether it is information regarding necessary documentation or any other concern you have related to your property, the devoted NRI service team is there at your disposal to make the whole experience hassle-free.


As per statistics, it is predicted that around 60 million Indians are expected to move into metropolitan cities in the next five years. 

A huge momentum in a positive direction can be witnessed in India’s real estate market. Tulip Group has flourished through the sands of time and has mounted the wave of progression with soaring growth.

As the saying goes “Practice what you preach”, we at Tulip Group ensure that we live up to our motto “shaping future through excellence”. With our expertise in the sector of real estate, we have the exact notion of how India could be shaped towards a better tomorrow.

As the introduction of RERA promoted standardization, transparency, efficiency, accountability, and the like, many investors who earlier were skeptical about making investments in Real Estate, are now confident in doing so. It not only impacted Indians’ mindset but reinforced faith in NRIs as well. The act also favors the developers as it assists them in gaining the trust of investors. Furthermore, GST has also been one of the factors that people are looking forward to making huge investments in the Indian market,


Tulip Group is not merely confined to extravagance edifices but also takes a wholesome approach in constructing projects which people can resonate with. Built with strategic intelligence, every refined plan takes such locations into consideration where connectivity and accessibility for people do not get compromised. Every necessary destination such as the workplace, entertainment, and shopping always remains within the ease of access to residents.

Tulip Group focuses on each and every aspect of construction which gives rise to a holistic social infrastructure. Tulip Group lives with a promise of assisting you every step of the way and in case there is any dissatisfaction with the construction of your commercial property or residential property, then we make sure there is a consistent follow up on the issue and the satisfactory resolution for the same.

With Tulip, you do not need to check for constant follow up on the project progress every now and then. With loyalty as one of our virtues, we stay true to the deadline in a professional modus operandi and make sure the handover of the possession is done on time. Tulip Group supports you throughout the journey and leaves no room for disappointments.

We are the experts in our field with a clear vision and a deep commitment to deliver the best of the best valuable assets.

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Brighter Days Ahead : Invest Today for A Better Tomorrow
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